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Friday, October 22, 2010

Local Urban Honey

We discovered this incredible backyard honey cultivated by an Alameda mother-of-four named Stefani Leto.  Her backyard is basically an urban farm:  huge vegetable gardens, sunflowers, fruit trees, chicken coop, and honey bees.  My girls were able to romp about and see the bees and chickens when we went to pick up the prized amber jar of goodness. The card attached to the jar reads:

"This honey is completely pure.  It's cold filtered, but not heated.  The bees are never treated with chemicals or medicated.  They forage in Alameda, using neighborhood flowers to bring you a completely natural, local honey."

I actually read recently that many bees are fed corn syrup and/or treated with chemicals, therefore their honey is, well, a product of corn syrup and chemicals.

Local-to-you honey made by bees foraging local flowers is actually a homeopathic remedy for allergies, which is one of the reasons I was so excited to find this honey.

 An article was written about Stefani and her backyard here:

I love little jars of sweetness and will soon be posting pictures of the jams we found at a tiny farmer's market in Uppsala, Sweden, as well as more Swedish foodie pictures.  

This honey is the perfect addition to warm pumpkin bread on a cloudy afternoon (like today).  Or on buttered toast for breakfast.  Or...


Heather Dettmann Minowa said...

Yay! The family/friends we stayed with in Sweden have their own nonchemical bees as yummy! and getting your honey from a farm you get to go to and meet the bees makes such a difference...The honey is more special for us..and I brought a big tub of it back with me from Sweden..
I look forward to seeing your foodie swedish pics..
they gots some yummy chocolate treats over there ..
love this blog ..thanks for sharing xoxo

kickapooviking said...

Oh, I hope to have a wee little slice of the warm bread when I amble off the train--soon...